When you’re rounding out your college wish list, you may want to include a few Canadian options. Our neighbors to the north offer several enticing options for the adventurous, from the majestic outdoor playgrounds of British Columbia to the cosmopolitan, European feel in Montreal. Plus, you’ll get to be an international student without crossing the seas!

Big university in British Columbia

Most Canadian schools are large public universities, but there are a few smaller gems available as well. During the most recent HECA conference, I toured a few colleges in the Vancouver area.  We stayed on the gorgeous campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC).  The place is an outdoors lover’s delight, as long as you can stand the rain! A wide array of educational opportunities, a reasonable sticker price, and a heavenly environment may make it the perfect spot for you.

Educational vanguard in Squamish

Up the road in Squamish, we found a very different opportunity. Quest University is a small (300 students), private school that is virtually one-of-a-kind. If you’re one of its kind, you may find it be an educational paradise. Whistler is only 45 minutes away, so Quest offers an excellent environment for the skier, rider, or other outdoor enthusiast.  But its educational design is what truly sets it apart. You take one class at a time in a block plan similar to the one offered at Colorado College. The first two years you participate in a set of core classes intended to prepare you to develop a question that you’ll attempt to answer with classes in the last two years. If you’re looking for a unique college experience, you’ll want to check out Quest.

More Canadian colleges

You’ll find quality educational experiences in other provinces as well. Explore Canadian colleges in more depth with information from the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. And, for more reasons to attend a university in Canada, check out Lynn O’Shaughnessy’s blog on the 10 Reasons to Attend a Canadian College.

You can view some photos of UBC, Quest, and other BC schools on the College Primers Facebook page.

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