You may have heard that you shouldn’t even try to get into a college in the UC system if you don’t live in California. And the truth is that for a long time it’s been virtually impossible for out-of-state students with anything less than a perfect high school record to gain admission to selective public universities such as UCLA, Cal Berkeley, and the University of Michigan. But one of the best-kept secrets in the admissions process is that, in the present economy, this reality is changing, due primarily to – you guessed it – money.

The public university tuition costs for in-state residents tend to be anywhere from two to five times less than for out-of-state students, and with states around the nation experiencing severe budget constraints, money talks. More and more schools are being forced to open their doors to greater numbers of out-of-state residents, which works in your favor if you have your hopes set on that seemingly unattainable institution outside of your state’s borders.

So, when narrowing down your college list, don’t eliminate your top choices simply because they’re in another geographic location. If you have the resources to pay the out-of-state tuition, you may be a good candidate for admission. Contact College Primers for more advice on putting together the list of colleges you intend to apply to.

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