banner for on line education, e-bookIf you caught yesterday’s blog post, you know the hot topic of the moment is pre-college summer preparations. Some are fun, some are not! Here are a few more pointers for making the transition from home to school as seamless and low-stress as possible:

–          Allow yourself some solo time. Not only does spending some alone time, such as taking a hike, journaling,  going for a drive, and so on, provide you with the ability to contemplate what it is you want from your upcoming college experience, but it also gives you an opportunity to enjoy something that will become increasingly elusive as you adjust to dorm life: solitude.

–          Get any necessary remedial coursework out of the way. If your school of choice has indicated that you need to take some preliminary classes, try to take care of them over the summer at a local community college. Just be sure that the course or courses you take will transfer appropriately to your college of choice to ensure you don’t have to take it all over again in the fall.

–          Download a “What to bring” checklist to follow as you pack. offers comprehensive lists of suggestions for both girls and boys for you to follow to make sure you haven’t forgotten some important items.

–          Sit down with your parents and hash out important details about living away from home, like how often you’ll call or visit or how often you’d like them to call and visit. It’s good to know each other’s expectation before you say your goodbyes in the fall.

Planning ahead this summer frees up more time for you to appreciate your upcoming college experience, one that is sure to rank high on your list of the most unforgettable, enriching, and enjoyable times of your life.


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