You’ll likely be alarmed at just how fast your junior and senior high school years can fly by. One day, you’re fumbling along in freshman orientation and the next you’re making post-prom plans and switching the tassel on your mortarboard from right to left. Your last two years of high school make up a demanding transitional time, finishing up one stage of your life and embarking on another. Even if you’re the most organized master planner, you may find that things slip below the radar if you don’t making a conscious effort to stay on track. And, unfortunately, things like SAT and ACT test dates and college application deadlines don’t seem to care that your senior class trip is tomorrow or that your final spring break adventure falls on the same weekend as the ACT. Try setting up reminders through your phone or email – but don’t discount the functionality of the old standby wall calendar. Often, just looking at the same thing over and over is the most effective way to commit it to memory, which you’ve probably discovered from all that standardized test preparation you’ve been doing. Right??

If you need a little help tracking dates and deadlines, College Primers can help. Our services include a comprehensive college planning calendar from that keeps track of all of the colleges on your list and their individual application deadlines in one online location and supplies you with email reminders of milestones and due dates. It also reminds you to sign up for the SAT and ACT. This valuable resource supplies a little extra peace of mind so that you can focus on important high school endeavors, such as homework and Homecoming.


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