Summer is a great time to put together a college resume. The first question you’re likely to ask is whether you actually need one. Of course, if the colleges you’re applying to require a resume, the answer to this question is easy. Yes.

For many students, though, a resume isn’t absolutely necessary. But  even if your applications don’t require a resume, you still may consider putting one together. You can give it to the teachers who are writing your recommendations so that they have a more well-rounded picture of your accomplishments, and you can attach it to your application to report your extensive extracurricular history or lengthy list of accolades that won’t fit on the forms that the colleges provide.

If you decide to craft a resume, keep the following tips in mind.


  • Keep it concise – ideally, one page
  • Use action words.
  •  This strategy will help you keep your resume brief and engaging.


  • Exaggerate past jobs or accomplishments.
  • Fall into essay mode and write long explanations of your duties and thoughts about each item.
  • Use fancy fonts or colors in an attempt to stand out.

In my next post, I’ll offer an itemized breakdown of what you should include on your college resume.




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